another client story

Red, White and Blue Graduation Party

Patrick Henry High School

As an event planner I am so used to planning bridal showers, baby showers, parties all for women. This was a first, planning a graduation party for a 18 year old boy. No flowers, no frilly decorations and of course the cake had to be perfect. Nik was graduating from Patrick Henry High School as having know him and his family for a few years this was a big deal!! He had worked so hard to accomplish his goals and make sure he could line up his dream job. We planned for months and months to make sure his party was exactly as he envisioned. His first request….strippers lol but that was not going to happen. So a truck cake made to look just like his beloved jacked up truck was first on the list. Next instead of flowers we decided on balloons for centerpieces and a bear to sign. His little sister had to have a small candy bar with bracelets and confetti poppers. The day came and it all came together so smoothly. He arrived beaming with is diploma and followed by family and friends. They danced to music, ate glazed ham biscuits, sausage dip and fruits and veggies. The cake tasted as good as it looked and everyone left the party with a smile on their faces. Thank you to Nik, Bea and Chad for trusting me to make this event so special for you all.