another wedding story

They tied the know, now it’s time for a shot

Rustic farm
Fall 2014

October in Virginia is the perfect wedding month. From the fall weather and breeze blowing softly, this rustic farm wedding was amazing. Down to the smallest detail nothing was missed. The hay bales, the birch wood arch and even the feel of her dress all completed the fall feeling. Tori and Chancellor fell in love so young, it was such an event to watch them say their vows.

I had the pleasure of creating the little details for my bride and groom. Every piece was hand made by me and I loved creating her vision. I took her ideas and turned it into the wedding of her dreams. Sometimes the couples vision gets lost in all the planning and it’s my job to make sure the day is exactly what they want.  It was an honor to have someone ask you to not only coordinate but to also create the feel for her big day. I felt that nothing was missed and at the end of the day the smile on her face made it all worth the work.