another wedding story

Ashland Wedding

Ashland Virginia

Eight years ago today, in the quaint town of Ashland Virginia, I said I do to my husband. After planning our wedding for over a year and making sure every little detail was perfect the day had arrived. We had decorated The Hanover Arts and Activities Center and it was gorgeous!!!!!! The flowers and centerpieces, the cake, the band, and of course the sweetheart table were all perfect. I woke up with such excitement I couldn’t wait for the day to begin!! After going to get my hair done and stopping at chick-fil-a for lunch it was time to get ready. We had rented a room at the Henry Clay Inn and I got dressed and took so many pictures (I still cant find those). I walked down the staris with my Dad and Maid of Honor and got into the horse-drawn carriage. As soon as we reached the ceremony I realized I had forgotten my bouquet, what do I do?!? I kept going, we got out of the carriage and my Dad walked me down the aisle. Last-minute forgetting to take off his sunglasses!!! So my photos have me without a bouquet and my Dad with his shades on. Those little mistakes make for great stories and truth be told, didn’t really matter. It wasn’t the end of the world because I was able to marry the love of my life. Bouquet or not we said our “I do’s” and walked back down to Etta James’ “At Last”. That’s exactly how I felt, At last we had done it, we were married!!!!!! Eight years and three gorgeous daughters later we celebrated that day just like it was yesterday. It was perfect for us and our family and friends. All the little details were perfect and our day is one that our friends still talk about. It was about the love between two people not the flowers or centerpieces but what was really important. Enjoy your day, take pride in all the work that has been put into it but realize that nothing goes as planned always. Enjoy being married and saying your vows in front of loved ones, and lastly enjoy being the center of attention!!!