another wedding story

A Secret Elopement

Waverly Estates
Spring 2017

When Claudia contacted me to help her plan her wedding I was so honored. We have been friends for over 13 years and I could just picture exactly what the wedding would look like. Cory was the missing puzzle piece in Claudia and Kendal’s life. He brought so much joy into their lives. For months we threw ideas back and forth and one day she called to tell me that they wouldn’t have a wedding because they were buying a house. I was so happy but part of me was sad because she deserved to have a beautiful wedding, to marry the man of her dreams.

I started to research elopements and we looked into every courthouse that Virginia has to offer. We even considered some out of state courthouses because they looked amazing. They decided they wanted a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and it just so happened that they would be closing on their house that same day!! She messaged me she had found her dress and that they would have the ceremony at Hanover Courthouse. I decided that she needed more. I reached out to the wedding community and the response back I received was overwhelming.

I had Dimples and Cheeks offer to make a bouquet, Sarah from Waverly Estates reached out and was available to host the intimate ceremony at her venue. Then came Verlee Bishop who would photograph all the details and ceremony. I reached out to Jenna Obermiller with icandothat designs and she came up with a custom announcement just for Claudia and Cory. Everything was coming together so quickly. Waverly Estates has a southern charm to it with its gorgeous rooms and elegant decor. This venue has so much to offer and the setup was perfect! Everything went smoothly and the photos show how amazing it turned out.

Verlee was amazing and really has an eye for detail. Her photos were stunning and really captured the love between Claudia and Cory. Jenna’s announcement and custom monogram really added to the perfect day. Thank you to all the vendors who came together to make this amazing. Jeremiah Dillion, thank you for performing the ceremony. You were amazing as always!! Thank you to Claudia and Cory for allowing me the opportunity to make your day so special!