another wedding story

All of my smiles start with you


When Bridgett and I had our first meeting it just seemed like everything clicked. I could envision exactly what she wanted for her wedding day that would make it special from everyone else’s. We went for venue tour after venue tour after venue tour. We even wadded through mud to view a potential barn venue. Everything was great but it didn’t have the right feel.  After a few venues made empty promises a friend offered her their lake property for her wedding.

The moment we walked down by the lake the look on her face said it all! WE HAD A VENUE! I was so excited to see it all come together. Pinterest was no longer about wine but about a lake feel. After coming up with all the details needed to turn a back yard into a wedding venue we had a plan.

After a year of planning and preparing the day had arrived. The weather was looking rough, we had a rain backup plan but that is not what Bridgett had envisioned this time. Right as I was setting up the arbor we hear a crash…. puzzled I looked around and to my surprise a boater had crashed his boat right beside the cocktail hour tent. Well, this was a first for me and after he was escorted away by the proper authorities set up continued. As guests were arriving we were wiping down chairs and everything was going to go as planned. The photographer was amazing and captured so many emotional moments. The videographer, Kennedy and his team were able to create something so remarkable I can’t wait to see the final product of their vows and the love captured between them.

After seeing Bridgett is all of her gorgeous beauty and the look on Travis’s face as she walked down the aisle I knew this is why I love my job so much. The love that these two have is something out of the notebook. It’s amazing to see two people so perfectly matched for one another have such a unique beginning. I enjoyed every moment I had with them and miss the weekly talks. I thank you both for allowing me the opportunity to help plan and witness something so phenomenal.