another wedding story

Locked in for life

Lake of The Woods

Meg and Casey had been dreaming and planning their wedding for years. They lived right around the corner of the wedding venue and would take their dog Ziggy for walks to it weekly. They envisioned an outdoor wedding by the water. So that’s exactly what we planned on doing! A dream wedding by the lake and Ziggy as the star of the show. Unfortunately life happens and a few weeks before the big day Ziggy passed away. Now the goal was to find a way to honor Ziggy!!!
As the day approached we planned on a watermelon signature drink in honor of Ziggy! It was a perfect way to honor the most important guest who had to miss the wedding. We had the décor laid out and everything was coming together. The navy blues, hot pinks and lake weather were perfect for the summer wedding!

On the day of the wedding everything changed, the skies opened and rain fell. Thankfully there is always a backup plan. . The ceremony was held inside Lake of The Woods and it all came together quickly. To make things better, Meg had had a surprise up her sleeve, she had two dresses!!!! When she walked down the aisle with Ziggy on her bouquet, she was in an elegant lace dress. There were tears in the room and ceremony even honored him. During cocktail hour the guests enjoyed the signature drink while we changed her into the new fun dress! The space was transformed; the quartet started to play and the rest of the night was amazing. They had so many details from the candles all the way from Casey’s hometown as favors, the ice cream bar as well as a dessert bar and a DJ who knew how to make everyone dance!
Life happens. We can prepare as much as we want but some things are out of our control. They were still able to get some beautiful photos together as the sun did come out later. The only thing that mattered that day was Meg and Casey becoming one and sharing so much of their life with their guests. It was a one of a kind wedding and I was so honored to be a part of the entire process. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Nice!