March 16, 2022

Wedding Planning Struggle

He just popped the question and you’ve said yes! The dream wedding that you’ve been dreaming of in now a reality. But where to start? Is it the venue? Who do you hire first? It can be very overwhelming to plan one of the biggest days of your life. Most of my couples want their guests to have a great time, a memorable wedding that is different from all others. To stay true to themselves but also ensure that everyone else is happy. The wedding planning struggle is real.

When your first begin I always suggest creating a rough guest list. Knowing how many people you’re inviting helps to find a venue to fit everyone comfortably. From there you can decide on how many tables and chairs are needed. Wedding planning is a numbers game. If you feel its too overwhelming find a profession planner to help. They have lists of vendors who they work with professionally and recommend because they know their work ethics. If you have people in mind that you want to hire make sure they are professional. Hiring friends and family very rarely works out. In most cases they mean well but make other professional’s jobs difficult to do. The saying” you get what you pay for” stands true in the wedding industry as well.

So now you have a guest count. That count will help determine a venue, catering, bar, favors, invitations and save the dates.  All of these items you can price out and create a budget. From there you need to figure out what type of photography style you prefer. You can better pick your photographer based on their style. You can look for florist that fit your style as well. Meeting with them face to face is best because you can bring photos of ideas and they can send you a more accurate quote. All of this seems like a lot but its so much fun telling your ideas to others and having it come to reality.

It takes work and understanding to plan a wedding. These are just a few things that need to be planned out. Dress shopping is one of the most fun experiences. Finding a bridal shop that has a one on one experience is best.  Bringing your own entourage to dress shopping can be a good and bad idea. Make sure you don’t bring too many people. Everyone has an opinion and you don’t want them to sway you from your perfect dress. Bring people whose opinions you value and know your style. Sometimes less is more. Bringing your closest family and friends can be best during such an exciting time. Trust the bridal consultant, they know body types and can help you find the most flattering fit. But most importantly enjoy this time! You only get to be a bride once and finding the perfect dress is key.

There is too much to go into detail for every little thing needed to make a wedding happen. Stay true to yourselves as a couple. Keep your ideas in mind and know that everyone has an opinion and will give it, regardless if it suits you or not.  If it seems to much hire a planner to help. Our job is to make everything fun and run smoothly. You put so much work into one day, why not enjoy it? Don’t be bothered with every single problem. Be with your girls, your family and enjoy getting pampered on your day. You don’t want to deal with a late vendor and stop your makeup or hair. It could be a set back that could cause everything else to run late. Let your day be about the love between you and your special someone. Let the professionals handle the stress and problems of the day. You only get one chance to do it right. Let us help to ensure that its perfect. Good luck to all of my brides planning their weddings!!! And of course I am here if it becomes too much.

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