March 16, 2022

“To eat or not to eat?”, That is the Question

CAKE! What everyone loves at a wedding. When planning a wedding the cake used to be the only dessert that was offered. They were huge and white and made up of many layers. Currently, the newer trends offer a dessert bar. I have seen everything from cake pops, cookies, mini pies to ice cream. Having options for your guests ensures that you will fulfill someone’s sweet tooth. Not everyone loves wedding cake, although they have come so far in taste and what bakers now offer in designs. Most people want something they can pop into their mouth without having to stop dancing or mingling. Don’t get me wrong there is still a strong group that looks forward to trying the wedding cake. So if you have a small cutting cake have a cupcake or a cake in a jar of your wedding cake flavor. This tradition has come so far in just a few years, I love to see what my couples come up with in terms of dessert to serve.

Now dessert bar etiquette. If a huge wedding cake was set up on a table would you go over and cut yourself a slice? No, definitely not! So, if the bride and groom has not cut the cake don’t touch the dessert on the table. Normally the dessert bar opens after the cake is cut. If there is an exception to the rule an announcement is made to get cake, donuts, cake pops or ice cream or whatever else may be offered. The couple has spent a lot of time thinking of desserts and it’s also a photograph-able moment. Most of the time cake is cut after dinner and toasts and sometimes a little after the dance floor is opened.   So the next time you walk into a reception and you see that amazing dessert bar think twice before sneaking a piece before the couple has cut the cake! To eat or not to eat, the answer is wait!

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