March 16, 2022

The Wedding Hangover

The wedding hangover, a term in the wedding business that means more than what it seems. The wedding hangover is not alcohol induced by any means (any professional knows better than to drink at a wedding). It simply refers to the feeling the day after a wedding you have worked where you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. Your arms and legs ache, you probably wake up with a small headache from dehydration and lack of food and all you want is coffee and sleep. It is a very real feeling, as crazy as it sounds.

The wedding I was lucky enough to assist in this weekend with Swoon Soiree created a massive “wedding hangover”. It was by far the most physically demanding of my career as well as Lauren’s. The amount of work that goes into creating the perfect space and detailed décor is to not be over looked. A lot of people don’t understand what a planner actually does. Well for starters on a month-of coordination we begin with vendors that normally the bride hires. Sometimes we are familiar with them and other times it’s the first time working together. That can be a good thing and also a bad thing. We have preferred vendors because we have worked with them before and we know their professionalism. So onto a month-of coordination, we create a detailed time line and floor plan for your day. This insures that all vendors are on the same page and gives us a time frame on when to expect vendors to arrive to a venue. From there we will prepare for the rehearsal. We do some setup of the venue and ceremony spot, walk through to make sure everything is set up correctly and also keep your bridal party on track for what the next day holds.

An average day for a wedding planner starts around 1:00pm and normally doesn’t end until midnight. This is with limited breaks for water and most times with out any food. We are constantly moving, my Fitbit normally records my steps, just at an event, as over 20,000! We start decorating tables, setting out chairs, setting up the space for gifts, cards, favors and guest book. Any signs that the bride may want out. Keep everyone on the time line and make sure everyone is ready for the photographer before they arrive. The list of things that we do goes on and on and on. My blog would be so long if I listed everything that we are in charge of that day. But its what we love to do! It’s our passion and that stress is a stress that we can deal with. It’s amazing to see all of your hard work come together and create a gorgeous wedding that runs smoothly.

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