March 16, 2017

2017 Wedding Dress Trends

It’s the beginning of 2017 and WOW have the trends of wedding dresses changed. No longer do you see the 1950’s version of a wedding dress. This year is all about showing off! Whether it is the mid drift or the shoulders, dresses are more “bare all” than being modest. Don’t get me wrong these dresses are still stunning in their own ways.

My newest favorite trend is colored wedding dresses. Of course the blush dresses, like the one from @David Tutera are my absolute favorite. The soft pink and lace make me swoon over this dress. If I had my wedding to do over again blush would be the way to go! Not everyone loves pink but this year more and more designers are adding color into their collections. If white is not for you then this year you should be able to find the perfect dress for your wedding.

The next design that I am seeing making a HUGE statement this year is the two piece wedding dress. Before you think twice about this concept it can be so pretty. The right bride and the right theme can make this dress amazing! The boho chic bride can rock the two piece easily and it is still appropriate for a wedding. Two piece dresses are not just for showing off your mid drift. They come in a variety of designs. The other version is a  short dress with a skirt over it. This can make for an amazing wedding dress and then a transformation for the reception.

The off the shoulder dress is now making a big come back. The sexy off the shoulder look is such a great look for the bride who wants something traditional with a twist. Most of these dresses are sleek and fitted to the body to show off womanly curves. Or if you are a bride with an amazing tattoo to show off this would be a great way to show off your ink. This would be wonderful for a more formal wedding.

Then there is the fitted lace dress. Lace has been around for so many years and has changed the design of a so many dresses. This year it seems like a more fitted look and showing off curves is in. Lace is a traditional statement but with a new twist to it every year you can never go wrong with a lace dress. There are so many types of lace and this year it doesn’t seem like the ball gown is trending. Embellished lace is on so many dresses and adds a touch of feminine elegance to a simple lace dress.

This year seems to be a year of change, of finding ways to create unique and individual dresses. Whether it be color, fitted or two piece finding the perfect dress with so many different bridal shops should be easy. Sealed with a Kiss and Six Pence RVA are two of my favorite bridal shops to check out. If you are on a smaller budget then Bliss Bridal would be a great shop to check out.  I can’t wait to see what my brides decide on this year!! Keep following to see what dresses I will be showcasing from my future weddings!!!

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